The Blued Project


About the Challenge:
Blued Clothing, a thesis-inspired clothing brand launches the biggest inter-university design and marketing immersion in the look for the brand’s very first Stylepreneurs.

1. The competition is open to all bonafide marketing students of pre-selected universities and colleges within Metro Manila
          a. Group should be composed of 7-10 students per
          b. Individual should be a bonafide student of the university he/she is representing
          c. The following requirements should all be submitted:
                    i. Present school ID with semester validation
                    ii. Endorsement letter from the university or college/faculty dean
2. The participants are given a brief about the brand and will be asked to come up with a full IMC campaign on how to promote the brand
3. The participants are also to come up with design proposal (minimum of 5 designs each for male and female)
          a. Can be actual prototype or multimedia format (jpeg, etc)
4. Entries maybe submitted from January 23-February 23, 2010.
5. A pre-screening will be held on February 23 wherein students will be presenting their plan proposals to the jury
6. A culminating fashion show will be held on March to announce the winners and launch the line to the media
7. The winning group/university will be given the following prizes
          a. An exclusive business immersion with Blued Clothing
          b. Selected designs from the collection will be launched as the group’s line
          c. Cash prize of 25,000 pesos
          d. Blued premium items
8. Announcement of winners will be done during the culminating fashion show. Scores will be verified by a third party auditing firm to ensure veracity of decision.
9. Please note the following materials used for Blued clothes. Participant should consider feasibility of design production for any of the following materials:
          a. Pique
          b. single jersey
          c. pique with lycra
          d. single jersey with lycra
          e. 1×1 plain
          f. french terry
          g. pure cotton slab
          h. CVC 50% cotton 50% polyester

          For ladies’ trendy:
          a. Nylon
          b. Rayon
          c. Modal

Target Market:
1. College Student
2. Young Professionals

Criteria for Judging:
40% – IMC Plan Feasibility
35% – Design
25% – Online Voting of Designs

Items to Submitted:
1. 2 copies of each participant’s school ID with semester validation
2. 2 copies of the endorsement letter from the university or college/faculty dean
3. 2 copies of the waiver signed by each participant
4. 6 copies of Marketing Plan
          a. Paper: Short
          b. Folder: Short
          c. Font: Arial Narrow
          d. Font Size: 12
          e. Spacing: 1.5
          f. Margins: 1 inch on all sides
          g. Front Page: Name of school, Name of participants, Name of professor
          h. Marketing Plan Elements:
                    i. Research/Background
                    ii. Strategy
                    iii. SWOT Analysis
                    iv. Budget
5. 6 copies of CD-R which will include:
          a. Designs – Minimum of 3
          b. Marketing Plan
          c. Group photo of participants
          d. Group photo of participant with endorsing professor
6. 1 sample of each prototype

1. Ateneo de Manila University
2. University of Santo Tomas
3. Lyceum University
4. Colegio de San Juan de Letran
5. De La Salle University
6. De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde
7. University of the Philippines
8. University of Asia and the Pacific

Dates to Remember:
January 23-February 22 – Submission of hard copy of entries to Professor and soft copies via email.
February 23– Turnover of entries to GeiserMaclang Marketing Communication
February 24 – Design entries will be uploaded online (thru Blued’s official facebook page for online voting)
February 26 – Presentation of entries to judges
March 26 – Culminating event